Take Wing (2008)

Two screen, stereoscopic video installation. One screen shows the building of a remote control model glider build (45 mins. approx.), and the other footage from glider in flight (6 mins. approx.) on continuous loop. A collaborative installation by Brian McClave and Gavin Peacock at Stone Squid Art Space, Old Town Hastings.

"A two screen, stereoscopic video that taps into romantic notions of flight and the desire to engineer solutions. The work combines Peacock’s love of modular construction and McClave’s fascination with stereoscopy and fondness for constructing ad hoc camera equipment.
On one screen time-lapse of the fabrication of a model glider will be seen from the point of view of the artists constructing it. The other screen will show footage from the inaugural flight of the glider from cameras attached to the wings.

Aurora**2 is the first successful stereoscopic video of the Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights. The 3D film clearly shows the structure of this elusive and spectacular phenomena. The Aurora in not viewable in 3D with human eyes, as they are only 6cms apart and the Aurora hovers at around 100miles up. To overcome this we filmed with 2 cameras, twenty miles apart on 2 frozen lakes in the Artic Circle.
Both pieces Aurora and The Sun also use imagery from Nasa satellites in space.

The project was collaboration between Brian McClave and George Millward.

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