Nicola Rae
Undercurrent : earthwork experiments

Extract from Peter Lodermeyer interview.

' I have worked with the idea of collecting only naturally occurring colour within the landscape, and pouring it into Perspex boxes, for nearly ten years. Every distinct colour from a particular beach or quarry is collected, if this is possible without causing erosion. Sands, clays or metal ores from the same location are sieved in the same way and poured into the same size boxes. All the variations that result are because of the differences in the composition of the minerals themselves. This part of my work does follow a conceptual idea.
And yet there are personal choices made - which coloured earths to collect, which box size to make for a particular beach and what particle size to sieve the material to. Often the feel of the sand or clay suggests the best way to process the materials, to allow them to create their own structures when poured.
Sometimes, looking at the end result, I find that something unforeseeable has happened, which is far more interesting than what I would have expected to happen - and this is why I am still drawn to try out different variations.'

Site-aware earth experiments on the Sussex coast including
acoustic earth works.
Nicola Rae

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