Moving Image by Joanna Hill

Cutting, ripping, prizing open, dripping.
Anticipation, desire, denial, indulgence.
Food is part of our everyday lives, woven into a complex set of needs, behaviours and rewards. Oysters and Pomegranates are two 3 screen videoworks. It is my intention to reflect our different relations to food – form, colour, texture, the physicality of handling – and making connections with myth, memory and personal experience.
I work in moving image, fusing the traditional with the contemporary, and drawing inspiration from Dutch and Spanish schools of still life painters from the 17th Century and experimental film.
Often taking a still life painting as a starting point, the material base of life that is constantly overlooked. The videoworks portray food, objects, acts and gesture to reflect an interior world of feelings, experience and memory.
I reconstruct still life scenarios of fruit, vegetables, the corner of a table and film them to introduce an element of movement - the luscious interior of a pomegranate, the menacing act of cutting, oysters laid open in their beauty and ugliness, water dripping from ice - life is injected into the traditionally still genre. Creating pieces that are both vested with memory and the past, and touched with signifiers of modernity, supermarket labels on the fruit and other obvious signs of modern life.
Through working in the medium of moving image, I aim to make some transformation and create a contemporary reading of the issues at play. I’m interested in the relationship between still and moving, and how this reflects and influences our perception of time and space and a space for projection or reverie. It is my desire to keep the viewer in a state of being and take pleasure in the moment.

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