is a collaborative performance dance piece installation exploring subjective & objective containment, referencing energy in terms of electricity resonating as Gsharp. Moving in & out of the confines and securities of personal space, the artists movement works from the trust that the body has its own intelligence and experience. It explores and reflects the landscape where the boundary between physicality and the mind is challenged.

The work comprises 4 elements – a dance piece of approx 20 mins. performed in 2 parts [4pm & 7pm] together with a video film piece and a soundtrack. Performed within a space containing a site-specific durational installation based on sound & video film [changes facilitated by visitors to the piece.]

The dance piece by Yumino Seki, physically performed in a dark space, defined by projected lines and shapes, draws on tension creating boundaries formed by electrical energy manifesting through & from the organic body.
The video piece creates physical /illusionary space using lines and shapes of projected light as a framework for the dancer to respond to.

The soundtrack, references industrial sounds and Gsharp the resonance at 50HZ of mains electricity in UK & develops the idea of containment within a physical space and isolation within a mental space. The installation is a video piece referencing the changing perceptions of personal and physical zones- isolation and suffocation / safety and security. Using the textural, visual and audio qualities of the physical space.

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