Frances Young
Song of Farewell

In my work, dialogues are constructed between the temporal and atemporal, between the analogue and digital, and the still and moving. Working methods can encompass a plurality of mediums and processes.
Memory, time and duration delineate the works; reflective and perhaps autobiographical, they demarcate a time; a dis-location; another place.
'Song of Farewell' uses slowed footage of starlings roosting on a deserted, out-of-season rollercoaster at the end of the day. This was edited into sections within a cyclical loop structure which echoes the rollercoaster structure, as well as the repetitive flight patterns of the birds and seasonal / temporal cycles. The sound for this piece was created from the end-static on a vinyl record, which is another loop within the piece - an ending without end - and is aurally suggestive of the beating of wings or the sound of train-tracks. It provides an analogue component to the work, creating a dialogue with the digital footage.

                                                                                                                                                                    Frances Young (2007)

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