Natalia Escobar

Natalia Escobar, born in Colombia, now living and working in London, builds experiential installations that combine sculptural objects, photographs, video and sound.

With the intention to create immersive phenomenological experiences, she produces spaces that explore the sculptural possibilities of light and sound. Spaces which enable the audience to catch themselves in the act of perceiving, not in a passive state but in a mode of active physical engagement with the work and the space around them providing the opportunity to have a unique kind of reflective encounter.

Her work takes shape only through the audience directed perception and at times their misperception in the search of a different state of being, with the hope that they will slowly let go of their rationally structured reality and slip into an altogether different perceptual state.

Experimental installation combining sculptural objects, photographs, video and sound.

24 July – 3 August 2010
sat 25 | sun 26 | thur 29 | fri 30 | 2-5pm
sun 1 | mon 2 | tues 3 | 2–5pm

preview | friday 23 july 6-8pm
other times t : 07594701425

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