Rossella Emanuele
Articulating Change

Born in Italy, living and working in London, Rossella Emanuele’s career started in the Performing Arts. She trained as a dancer and in the theatre, and performed with renowned international contemporary dance companies and in experimental theatre. Her dance and theatre background has informed her art-practice since the very beginning. Notions of movement, of event and a 'performative' element are strongly present in her earlier work.
More recent work explores ideas of time and duration, which she investigates through the processes of transformation of materials and the change in objects over time. She tends to use active, unpredictable materials, which are in continuous transformation and affected by changes in the environment. Through the use of materials that highlight ideas of impermanence, Emanuele explores the relation between the ever-changing nature of life and the inner world of the subject. The tenuous balance between chaos and order and a reference to the body underpin much of her work. This manifests itself as an interest in the pivotal moment when objects disappear or dissolve thus encouraging the dehiscence of the object, allowing entropy to become the strength of the work.

Taking the form of traces of events, very evocative and with a sense of memory, Emanuele's work transforms emotions into physical form shifting between material forms and experimentation with media.

Articulating Change is Emanuele’s first solo show, including a selection of works from 2005 to 2010.
“I started thinking about the idea of Articulating Change by exploring the tension that there is in the physicality of the act of making when set against the ephemeral notion of time. Intuitively, I started experimenting with materials such as plasticine and water. The malleability of plasticine and the ever-changing nature of water seemed both to possess, in different ways, some consistent qualities that were relevant in relation to my thinking - they suggest the existence of continuity in change. Water in particular is a recurrent material in my work because it is intimately connected with life and death, and it has a mesmeric quality, which is particularly interesting in relation to the creation of meaning”.

Articulating Change
Time-based and video installation : shifting between material forms and experimentation with media.

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