Tereza Buskova
Ceremonies & Ritual

Stone Squid is celebrating the art of moving image, with the screening of 2 beautiful films by Czech artist Tereza Buskova, the weekend of the opening of the Jerwood Gallery Hastings.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, Tereza Buskova has exhibited widely nationally & internationally. Her intuitive practices capture and renew folk traditions through the combination of film making, screen printing and performance. Stone Squid will be screening 2 of her films. Wedding Rituals addresses issues of gender, identity, sexual fantasies, and power, conjuring up a truly enigmatic world, which is at once exotic and modernist. Super 8 film (transferred to DVD), 09:13 sec. Masopust which marries anthropology with fantasy, forms the latest development in a greater body of work which reflects her belief that our traditions should not grow dusty whilst being perfectly preserved in boring museum cabinets. HD Video 07:30 Sec.

Concurrently, Tereza's prints are being exhibited as part of a group show at Studio 3, Canterbury : Double Take - the Art of Printmaking. blogs.kent.ac.uk/studio3gallery

Ceremonies & Rituals : solo 2 film screening

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