Andrew Moran
Failure and Success


Andrew Moran’s working method involves a reflective practice of converting text-based investigation into visual presentation. Unfolding, repeat or looped video images explore theoretical, psychic and philosophical ideas. The imagery refers explorative thought, against the mimetic representation of the object in the photograph.

Failure and Success brings together four disparate pieces of digital-video photographic work. The aegis for this grouping is an attempt to understand how strands of thought join to form an expanded landscape. Not specifically dependent, perhaps supportive, perhaps merely conversationally conjoined; though, a discourse develops.


Failure and Success
solo show of photographic video installation


             2011 Interim Project Show



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11 – 13 November 2011

preview  | friday 11 November 6-8pm

sat | sun | 3-6pm

in conversation sun 13 November | 4pm

other times t : 07594701425

Sunday 13 November 2011 5pm


Failure and Success

Is contemporary lens based work reinscribed in the cultural context in which it was developed? Martin Everett's photographic practice is concerned with the investigation of memory, duration and the inhabitance of the ๋on-going moment


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