Street Nettell Makin
Kate Street
animation video peice | sound track | film still
duration 2'42''
Michaela Nettell
Hex: in search of 120° angles
projection image | digital image| found text
Richard Makin
text | liverecoding | digital image from drawing: ink on paper
duration 5'10''


March 2012
Tereza Buskova
Ceremonies & Rituals: solo 2 film screening

November 2011
Andrew Moran
Failure and Success : solo show of photographic video installation

August | September 2011
short WAVES series of 3
72 hour installations @ stone squid
in conjunction with Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2011

Neil Webb
audio and video installation view images>

Kate Street
Host: video and drawing installation view images>

Michaela Nettell
BEEHIVE : two-channel video and light box works view images>


Eleanor Wright

May 2011

Crested Screamer : solo sound installation

July 2011
The Harrow : solo sculptural sound installation

November 2010
Brighton Photo Fringe Hastings
porTRAITure : Group Photographic Installation.


October 2010
The Exquisite Stone Corpse
A concatenation by 5 UK-based artists.


September 2010
Dawn Badland
Tell Tail Signs : solo installation in conjunction with The Hastings Rarities Affair exhibition.

August 2010
Natalia Escobar
Ombrophilia : experimental installation combining sculptural objects,
photographs, video and sound

June 2010
Rossella Emanuele
Articulating Change : time-based and video installation

May 2010
Nic Sandiland
The Blind Man’s Stick : solo show of minimalist interactive work

September 2009
Late Summer Early Autumn : Installation

Frances Young
Song of Farewell : Video & Sound Projection

August – September 2009
Nicola Rae
Undercurrent: earthwork experiments on the Sussex coast including recent acoustic works.

May 2009
Oska Lappin
She Came from the Woods – New Work / Woodcut Prints & Animation

May 2009
Michaela Nettell & Tom Simmons
Under Skies - Moving Image & Sound Installation

April 2009
Duncan Pickstock
Testament – Multi-screen Video Installation


April 2009
American Mountains
Goup exhibition by UK based artists

September 2008
Joanna Hill
Pomegranates & Oysters - Video Installation

September 2008
Yumino Seki
G-Sharp Dance installation

August 2008
Gavin Peacock's & Brian McClave

TAKE WING - Projection Space Commission

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